Mercury retrograde in birth chart vedic astrology

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Retrograde Planets are one of the most difficult parameter to judge in a Horoscope. They often give unexpected results both good and bad. Most of astrologers are of the opinion that a planet in retrograde motion produces at least subtle different effect. In retrograde motion of planets, they are more close to earth. So their effect is felt more. During the Dasa of retrograde planets it will be difficult to differentiate the results or events but the native who is under the Dasha of retrograde planets will react to the events differently in comparison to the person who is having dasa of same planet but in direct motion.

In my small experience i have seen that though the result of Dasa may not be of much difference but the karakatwa or significations of the retrograde planets in Vedic astrology suffers a lot. The energy of a planet is not allowed to flow normally and the house occupied by the retrograde planets does not function at its best.

Retrograde planets, which are often known as Vakri Graha, generally bring some amount of unfulfilled desire from the past life. We need to learn the karmic Lessons attached with that planet in this life. We have some unfulfilled work related to the significations of the Vakri Graha of our chart which we need to fulfill in this birth and in course we need to learn some karmic lesson out of it.

If the Atmakarka Planet is a Vakri Graha in horoscope then we have to understand that the unfulfilled desire is very intense and from several past life. Mercury Retrograde : When Mercury is retrograde or a Vakri Graha in birth chart, thinking process is reverse. Direct Mercury likes sequential processing of information where as retrograde mercury will do non-sequential intuitive processing.

So it will affect the signification of Mercury like intelligence, communication skill etc. Mercury is the signification of Communication, Logic, grasping ability, intelligence etc in Vedic Astrology. So when Mercury is Vakri in chart it shows that some sort of karmic lesson regarding communication needs to be understood in this life. Retrograde Mercury in Vedic Astrology denotes that the persons thought, communication skill or thinking process was impractical and impulsive in past life.

This created lots of confusion and chaotic situation. The native will find that the manner in which he communicates to others is not proper and he has tendency taking impractical approach to life. This is actually being repeated from the past lifetime. So in this life, you need to learn communication skill and need to be logical in your thinking. With retrograde mercury, person tries to become too perfect and hence may become frustrated. Very few can reach perfection. There can also be a tendency to judge others in comparison to him which may bring disappointment also. Individuals with Vakri Mercury should try public speaking and group discussion as much as possible.

With retrograde mercury in chart it is also possible that, you were a writer in your past life.

VENUS retrograde in the Birth chart Vedic astrology

You may have some writing ability in this life also. It is very important for these persons to conduct him for the right manner in the right direction. They will not seem to be very logical in their thinking. A person with mercury retrograde will lack the intellectual communication skill which direct mercury gives. Nothing will be settled successfully for the future during these periods anyway — you will find it nearly impossible to nail down a plan. During a retrograde period, it is hard to get decisions from others.

Even if a decision is made, it will be subject to change, either just after Mercury turns to direct motion or much later. Mercury retrograde. Mars Retrograde : Mars is the Planet of War. It signifies anger, courage, aggression etc in Vedic astrology. He is the warrior or commander. With Retrograde Mars in birth chart the person will be reluctant to take action. He will wait for the last minute or wait for the situation to become more critical before he takes any action.

He will not do it consciously always but mars retrograde need fire under his belt for taking any action. A native with retrograde mars will move one step then he will stop and again he will gather courage. He restarts and gives the final blow and wins the conquest. Retrograde Mars in vedic astrology often denotes that perhaps in your last birth you were a soldier or military and you did something regretful under pressure of your superior.

For that anguish and guilt feeling you were not being able to deal with your anger. Sometime you will not be able to understand from where this anger is coming but the outburst will be in an inappropriate way. As you have misused the power or the energy in your past life, you need to learn to deal with it in this life. The energy of Mars is usually directed into either positive, direct, aggressive action in life, or into the areas of sexual gratification, temper, or violence. The location of the retrograde Mars or Vakri Mars, according to house position and sign, would differentiate what qualities will be delivered.

Often, house position and sign involvement tend to stress certain qualities of a planet more than others. Negative character traits of retrograde Mars could include an animalistic nature, an over-sensual character, a rash, impulsive, violent temper. Negative Mars, retrograde or direct, brings an offensive nature to the native of the chart, who would also be prone to accidents. As Mars is the Karaka for Sex. When Mars goes Vakri in transit, it can complicate the sexual life too. You should be careful and avoid all sort conflicts during the phase when mars in retrograde in vedic astrology because anger may outburst in a uncontrollable manner.

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  • What do we experience when Mercury is retrograde?.

Mars retrograde occurs once every two years and lasts about two and a half months. During the period of vakri mangal in jyotish, the overall atmosphere changes, people have lower physical energy, they get tired and feel stressed more easily and they need more time to relax and recover. The mood, the desires, the initiative, the ambition, they all seem to function on a lower level. If the Jupiter is retrograde in chart we can assume that in your past life you have not been able to achieve self development. You remained the same person throughout the entire life.

So in this life you need to use your free will and need to be more active. You have to learn this lesson. You cannot remain as a slave in the hand of fate anymore. Rebelliousness can be problematic. Dealing with groups or friends is more troublesome than usual. You may need extra downtime or sleep.

Answers come in dreams or after meditation. Music soothes you and logic escapes you. Water calls you, though it can present danger, as can feelings. Watch out for those who profess to know The Truth. Look at your birth chart to check the degree range of Mercury retrograde in relation to the way the signs line up with your houses sectors of a chart.

The houses indicate life circumstances. You could also feel Mercury retrograde strongly in the area associated with any natal planets directly opposite the retrograde range count six signs in either direction. Of course, they feel Mercury retrograde more than the rest of the population. As with any factor in astrology, we should be careful not to draw too many conclusions from just one piece of the complex puzzle that makes us who we are or that makes our life what it is.

Everything You need to know about Retrograde Planets in Vedic Astrology

Good luck dealing with the challenges of Mercury retrograde. In the retrograde cycle, a planet journeys through a portion of the zodiac three times — first in direct motion, then in retrograde motion, and finally in direct motion. I call that area of the zodiac the Retrograde Shadow. From the time the planet enters this degree, it seems to cast a shadow of its character on the area. When astrologers observe the retrograde cycle in its entirety, it seems as if the planet is walking back and forth through a symbolic process, looking at that process from different perspectives.

Of course, at a different level, we understand that the planet is not really changing its direction, but it is just a perceptive illusion on our part from our perspective on the Earth. As a planet enters the Shadow, it passes the zodiacal degree where it will eventually turn direct.

That which manifests symbolic of the planet in the sign and its aspects as the planet moves toward its retrograde station can be seen from a different viewpoint after it turns retrograde.

Mercury Retrograde: Its Effects, Do’s & Don’ts

Perhaps the retrograde cycle is giving us clues to the very nature of time. After the planet turns direct, there seems to be a remedial period in which the two different perspectives may be understood and integrated. As the planet leaves the Shadow, it passes by the degree at which it previously turned retrograde.

As those degrees are also the station points, the Shadow boundaries remain sensitized for some time afterwards, much the same as eclipse degrees. Completely spam-free. Opt out any time. Receive Janet's free occasional eNewsletters with information about current or upcoming astrological phenomena, as well as special offers on services and products. You can unsubscribe any time. These are different from her blog articles. For those, sign up separately above. Example: Yes, I would like to receive emails from Astrology Booth. You can unsubscribe anytime.

When is Mercury retrograde? What is Mercury retrograde? What do we experience when Mercury is retrograde? Robert Downey, Jr. How to handle Mercury retrograde How can you handle a Mercury retrograde period? Pay attention to when the next Mercury retrograde is approaching. Schedule any important communications matters well before or after that date range.

If possible, avoid beginning any new projects during Mercury retrograde. The shadow that follows the retrograde is not as fraught with minefields as the approaching shadow or back-up period are. If in the ordinary course of its development a project needs to go through a couple rounds of revisions anyway, it may not be so bad to do it during Mercury retrograde. You might do the first round during the shadow date range leading up to the retrograde back-up, with a second round during the retrograde, and a final revision during the shadow following the back-up.

Think twice. Be circumspect. What is your relationship with your home? Or your mother? Or your family? I'll share how the 4th House of your chart can help you understand these areas in your birth chart and in transits. Want to know your birth chart and what is transiting your chart right now? The 3rd House: Communication, Subconscious, Willpower. Or tried to break a habit, only to fall into old patterns? The third house can help you understand why that is happening. How about your communication. Is it fast, quick and to the point? Or more deliberate? Do people say you have communication issues?


Or are you known for your great speaking skills? The third house will help you understand this as well. What practices can you do to work with these energies? To bring out the best in your subconscious mind and your communication and your willpower and short distance travels?

An episode of Quietmind Astrology — Learn Vedic Astrology with Jeremy Devens

I'll share in today's episode. August Horoscope in Vedic Astrology. Want to know how this effects you personally? Will you receive an inheritance? What karmas do you have from your childhood to work through as an adult? The 2nd house can help you understand these things. While the first house represents you, your body, your appearance and why you were born, the second house represents what you are born with.

Effects Of Retrograde Planets In Horoscope – Vedic Astrology

What are your close relatives like? What was your early childhood like? How do you present your face to the world - with beautiful makeup Venus or vintage glasses Saturn or some unusual hairstyle Ketu? I will share ways to understand your 2nd house in today's episode.

We are all born for a reason, the first house of your birth chart gives you a clue as to the purpose of your life and is one of the three Dharma houses. It also helps you understand your body, your appearance and your personality. Learn all about the first house in today's episode! If you know the 12 signs of the zodiac, you have a good foundation for learning the 12 houses of Vedic Astrology.

In this new season I will go in depth about each of the 12 houses and help you apply these teachings to your life. For example, for me, I am currently learning to put more attention on the 'kama houses' associated with pleasure and enjoyment to balance out my strong tendency towards emphasizing my 10th house of career. The Kama houses are one of what the Vedas teach to be the 4 goals of life. Learn about the other 3 in today's episode.

I also talk about how the houses are like the stage and setting of a play, the planets are like actors, and the signs reveal their temperament and motivations. This is super helpful for learning the language of Vedic Astrology.

Do you have a retrograde motion planet in your chart?

Next week I dive right into the 1st house of Vedic Astrology which helps you understand your path in life. Your Sun sign is just a tiny piece of the puzzle. This is an invaluable tool for learning and applying all the lessons of Season 2. This month we have a solar eclipse happening that's going to set the stage for the next six months.

We have a major transit of an outer body planet that's going to have an effect for the next five years. And we have three retrograde planets this month. So what can you do to work with all that energy? And how can you make sure that you're harnessing these energies to help them best support you and your purpose and your mission, your direction in life?

Well, we'll talk all about that today on this episode of the quiet mind astrology podcast.

mercury retrograde in birth chart vedic astrology Mercury retrograde in birth chart vedic astrology
mercury retrograde in birth chart vedic astrology Mercury retrograde in birth chart vedic astrology
mercury retrograde in birth chart vedic astrology Mercury retrograde in birth chart vedic astrology
mercury retrograde in birth chart vedic astrology Mercury retrograde in birth chart vedic astrology
mercury retrograde in birth chart vedic astrology Mercury retrograde in birth chart vedic astrology

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