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Saturn in Capricorn 2018-2020 In Depth Predictions for the 12 Signs with Vedic Astrology from Levi

This is largely because of the heavily Cancerian nature of the U. July 4th horoscope, which will directly receive the oppositional force of the transiting Saturn—Pluto conjunction. Donald Trump June 14, a. On a purely material level, we could talk about his relationship with money. But I find it fascinating how so many ultra-rich types have Saturn—Venus connections in their charts. Rockefeller Jr. Donald Trump has that planetary pattern, too — in his case, the conjunction is in Cancer, as mentioned above.

This can mean many things, of course, and undoubtedly fuels his drive for wealth, real estate, multiple homes, and so on. But in light of his very public behavior through the decades, I believe that it also points to an extremely deep insecurity and vulnerability, a sense of emotional wounding perhaps rooted in childhood?

My point here is that the transiting Saturn—Pluto conjunction in Capricorn is starting to pummel his natal pattern very, very hard, and will continue doing so over the next year or two. I see a few different real-world possibilities resulting from that. One of those is that his personal finances could take a major hit during this period, in terms of losses due to bad investments, lawsuits, or failed real estate projects. There could even be more revelations about his dealings with foreign governments, and investigators like those from the Southern District of New York continuing to probe into his real estate dealings and problems relating to his hotels.

But also — and this could prove much more problematic for him, since it hits so close to home, emotionally — the Saturn—Pluto transit may also involve his family members being put under the spotlight, since the sign Cancer is involved. Likewise, I think the Saturn—Pluto transit could well trigger a primal sense of emotional wounding that Trump has likely harbored all his life, a deep feeling that he is unpopular or unloved. Pluto being what it is, this could also involve a sense of betrayal, a realization that others he thought had been loyal are now turning on him.

With Pluto added to the mix, though, I suspect that this period ahead could become an exceptionally depressing and vulnerable one for Trump. If indeed impeachment hearings wind up being conducted, that would certainly throw a few Olympic-size swimming pools full of gasoline onto that horoscopic fire as well. To one extent or another, the horoscope of a national leader becomes that of the entire country he or she represents. His website is www.

Natal Saturn Conjunct Pluto

Commenters: set up your photo on gravatar. Winning is in his chart. That is not what Streetcat meant. It was obvious you were having fun throwing planetary grenades at him. So is Hades at his MC.

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He brings ruin to everything he touches. Yes, overly sensitive to criticism he certainly is, Ray. Thin skinned the man may be but he is tougher than virtually any man I have ever been aware of. How many Presidents have faced complete opposition from the U. Media, have been framed for conspiracy theories by the opposing candidate in concert with the previous presidential administration while the campaign and fledgling organization was spied upon by the higher ups of all major players in the intelligence community?

As someone who is fascinated with astrology I also happen to wonder about all the other times in his chart where he had adverse Saturn transits, or Pluto transits because the man has faced mammoth amounts of adversity and has always seemed to rise above them. I also seriously wonder if the man was not sent from God to literally save the essence and reality of America, the idea as well as the country.

I agree with you. Being born under a blood Moon lunar eclipse says it all. He thrives on adversity. Note also no Earth planets, so that he is seeking stability and that excessive control may be a means to that. During the election, I saw that both he and Hillary had favorable aspects, that is, first I looked at her chart there are doubts as to the time of birth and saw favorable aspects. Then a look at his chart showed VERY strong possibilities also. I must admit that my objectivity failed me, because the indications of his winning was too much for me!

Saturn and Pluto opposing natal Saturn and Venus—have you asked any astrologers about that? Nixon went down under similar aspects. Trump has not been very successful in business. He has had to threaten Forbes Magazine and other outlets in the past, not to report the truth on his finances. His father bailed him out countless times. As we know from recent research, he lost a billion.

Debt up the wazoo. Russian oligarchs bailed him out, with strings attached, like money laundering. Now Putin controls the oligarchs. Under Pluto and Saturn, it all comes out, as it did with Nixon. He lost a billion, go figure, as one of the biggest real estate developers in NY he was impacted by the biggest real estate crash this country has seen outside the Great Depression.


He then earned it back! He then turned around on a dime and decided to become President of the United States, which he did while spending half on his campaign what his opponent did. Yeah, what an idiot. What a joke to think Putin has any influence on him whatsoever. Trump has been tougher on Putin than Obama ever dreamed of being, starting with the fact that under him America has become completely self-sufficient and even a net exporter of energy.

Any idea of what has happened to the price of oil since Trump won?

5 Tips For Surviving the Saturn-Pluto Conjunction in Capricorn – Patrick Watson

I am inclined to expect that a Saturn Pluto conjunction followed up with the Pluto return in the U. And Trump might be bloodied in the process but he will most likely be the one still standing. Ah, thank you Richard! Individual one is a narcissistic liar. His flip flops have him leaving before he arrives. His deregulation is going to hasten global climate change and its relentless weather events. His rallies show the need to feed his insatiable insecurity. He creates chaos then back peddles. Not a man of steel but a spineless man of jello.

He has no moral compass. Ray, thanks for the article. I saved it and would love to share it. Susan Vega. Excellent work, Ray. Thank you. Like you, I will be watching how this unfolds and what manifests for we the people. At some point the Trump Family flying circus tent is going to collapse. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article does not cite any sources. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

May Learn how and when to remove this template message. This section is empty. Fortunately, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction will be followed by Jupiter-Pluto-Saturn alignments which will breathe some expansive energy into this tight, contracted alignment of Saturn-Pluto. This week five planets continue to shine in Virgo, with Mercury and Venus moving into Libra on Saturday, September 14th.

For another two weeks we still have a lot of planetary energy in Virgo to help us get our lives in good order. A great deal of work can be done with efficiency and focused attention. The South Node and Saturn are exactly conjunct again all week.

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  • This is a karmic alignment that invites us to clean up the things that bog us down, and to change worn-out structures that no longer serve us, and then restructure. The Moon is void of course for long periods again this week—almost all day on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. When the Moon is void of course it is difficult for things to come together.

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    • During these times it is best to apply yourself to routine tasks, or take a walk or work in your garden. Again, this is a week to plan wisely to make the most of the varied energies. The work week may start slowly on Monday , and not so clearly, with the Moon void of course from early in the morning through mid-afternoon. The Sun opposes Neptune today and tomorrow, adding to the foggy start of the work week. Focus on cleaning up whatever small tasks were left from the week before. At p. PDT the Moon moves into friendly Aquarius.

      We feel freer in the light of the Aquarian Moon, a great time for gathering with friends. In the light of the Sun-Neptune opposition, tune into your inner knowing on Tuesday. Allow your intuition to be your guide. Turn your attention to world affairs, and find some way to make the world a better place, such as a friendly gesture, or a donation to a cause about which you care. The Moon is void of course all day and evening on Wednesday , making it difficult for things to come together. Mars and Jupiter are moving toward a perfecting square, with energy and tension mounting.

      Our drive to move forward and expand is strong.

      Intuitive Astrology: Saturn and Pluto Align 12222-2020

      The Moon moves into Pisces early Thursday morning, coloring the world a bit more beautiful, and bringing out more compassion and softness. We are invited to expand our thinking and doing, and to open to the needs of others, in addition to our own needs. Friday the 13 th sports a Full Moon and numerous aspects, promising an extremely active, full day.

      The luminaries, the Sun and the Moon, are flanked, and influenced, by numerous other planets.

      24 planet alignment january 2020 astrology 24 planet alignment january 2020 astrology
      24 planet alignment january 2020 astrology 24 planet alignment january 2020 astrology
      24 planet alignment january 2020 astrology 24 planet alignment january 2020 astrology
      24 planet alignment january 2020 astrology 24 planet alignment january 2020 astrology
      24 planet alignment january 2020 astrology 24 planet alignment january 2020 astrology
      24 planet alignment january 2020 astrology 24 planet alignment january 2020 astrology
      24 planet alignment january 2020 astrology 24 planet alignment january 2020 astrology

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