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Sun enters Scorpio

However, there could be a genuinely positive to these small blunders and glitches: keep an open mind. You may need to find a way to bypass a moment of insecurity, though!

Do pay attention to what is being said: incoming information may be through word of mouth or through emails. What you may also need to watch out for is dwindling will-power when it comes to cash transactions! If you have been feeling a little constrained by regulations and conditions, then you should see certain restriction ease. Incoming news might feature too! By the same token your social life could perk up too, if you apply the same flexible strategy to an invitation or suggestion! Support and communications will be working in your favor.

All that said; there is a slight tendency to act or react on a whim. You could let a specific opportunity slip by! The months ahead are likely to start with a trip or excursion to another place. Annie Besant, whom the late G. Shaw claimed was the greatest orator of her day, confessed that she suffered agonies of stage fright every time she mounted the platform. Ajaccio, Corsica , one of the greatest strategists of all time, shows the 25th degree of the constellation Virgo rising at birth.

Most textbooks stress Virgo's interest in astrology and therefore it is not surprising to find that many of the leading exponents of the art have one or other of the luminaries in this constellation, or the stars of Virgo rose at their birth.

September 18 Birthday Horoscope

Green, Heinrich Daath and Charles E. Reverting to Gandhi's nativity, we find that Mercury, the dispositor of the Sun, was in the ascendant in the venusian constellation Libra, and in the immediate foreground. Hence Mercury was the dominant influence in the Mahatma's life. Hitler, too, was born under the rising of Libra, and he, too, had Mercury, as the most angular planet in his geniture, being on the cusp of the 7th house.

Both men swayed the masses by the magic of the spoken word, but whereas Hitler's Mercury sounded the clarion call to arms, being in the Martial constellation Aries, Gandhi's Mercury exhorted the people to nonviolence because it was placed in the peace-loving Libra. Mercury is the smallest of the planets, yet remove it from the horoscopes of these two leaders and they would cease to be the historical figures they are.

Although Sun in Virgo people normally verge on the slim side in marked contrast to their more corpulent opposites, the Sun in Pisces, March 16th-April 15th, yet the Mahatma's spare body and boy-like undeveloped frame, his remarkable business aptitude, his keen incisive intellect and nimble decisions, his restless activity and capacity for tireless traveling bespeak the dominance of Mercury's signature on his life.

Free daily horoscope, celeb gossip and lucky numbers for 18 September, 2018

Its position in the immediate foreground was so strong that it effectively counteracted the influence of the Moon-Venus-Mars configuration. In other words politics and business took precedence over the call of the flesh. But this would not have been the case had the apostle of nonviolence been born an hour or so later, which demonstrates how important it is to know the correct time of birth.

The propinquity of Uranus, in the journalistic Gemini, to the Midheaven added that remarkable touch of originality, unexpectedness and uniqueness which are the hallmarks of success, and which, through the medium of the press, make Gandhi the most exceptional political figure of our times.

The fact that Gandhi was no accumulator of wealth and indifferent to his personal security is not at all surprising seeing that the self-protective and cautious Saturn was in the remote back ground of his nativity, being in the middle of the 2nd house. Fateful Solar Return. Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated on January 30, at p. If a sidereal ephemeris for this year were at hand, we could tell at a glance the day in October, when the Sun occupied the same sidereal longitude as it did at birth, and the calculation of the return would be a straightforward matter.

But as no sidereal ephemeris for this year is available, we have no option but to use a tropical ephemeris for and by adding the sidereal longitude of the vernal point V. We find that the V. Using an Ephemeris we find the Sun's tropical and sidereal longitudes at 0h U.

The Followers

Hence the 78th Sidereal Solar Return occurred on October 4, We must now proceed to discover the precise time as in table below. Sun's Diurnal Motion. Sun's D. Therefore the Mahatma's sidereal solar return see chart 2 occurred at 2h 16m 27s a. Small wonder, therefore, that tropical solar returns fell into such bad repute, and were, for the most part, ignored.

We will now determine the sidereal time or R. October 4, at 0h U. Increment at the rate of 9. A tropical horoscope should now be calculated in the usual manner, the longitudes of the planets being computed for a. In this chart the positions of the birth radical planets are shown in the inner circle, while the position of the planets on October 4, at a.

T are shown in the outer circle. A mere glance at Chart No. The ancients averred that if the angles of the return were radix, that is identical with those of the birth chart, the year would prove climactic in some way or other. This is not only true in this instance, but it will be noticed that Mercury occupies almost the same longitude as it does at birth, an indication of restless traveling and fatal speech-making.

Neptune's proximity to the Sun betokened his contemplated retirement from the religious life, but being in the 12th house forewarned of the danger of assassins lying in ambush. The great benefic Jupiter could render no assistance as it was under the earth and in the background. Fateful Lunar Return.

Virgo's detailed personality profile

Our next task is to compute the lunar return that was in force at the time of the assassination, January 30, Fagan's Sidereal Ephemeris for and should be used for this purpose if it is available. This will obviate the necessity of finding the ayanamsa and of effecting reduction from one zodiac to the other. For the benefit of those who do not possess a copy, we will use the tropical ephemerides. On January 27th and 28th the tropical longitudes of the Moon at 0h U.

A virgin maiden holding a bouquet of wheat and wildflowers on the emblem of Virgo symbolizes wisdom and love of the land. The element associated with a Virgo is Earth. Wednesday, a great day for stability, is the best day for a Virgo. The best colors are female Pearl White, and male Forest Green. For centering, the best choice for a Virgo is the sun stone, Chameleon.

Watch for your lucky numbers Female 5, and male 7. Your power number is People born under the Virgo sign are quick thinkers. They prefer to take care of others rather than have others take care of them. They are very dedicated to their family and friends and believe in helping the sick and the elderly. They embrace change once they understand what it entails. They are willing to fit in with whatever is going on and are always willing to adjust. A Virgo gets very frustrated if there is nothing left to do.

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